Homeowners across the country share at least one thing in common; they are concerned about home security. And why wouldn’t they be? Not only is it where their family lives, but it’s also the single biggest investment that most families have.

Here are five easy ways to improve your home security.

  1. Lock up everything that can be used to break into your home: Don’t leave ladders, garden tools, metal bars, etc. lying around which could be used to gain access to the house.
  2. Hide valuables from view: Jewellery, money, laptops, smartphones and large TVs are the sort of things that chancers look for, so keep them where they can’t be seen from a window.
  3. Use hedges, thorny shrubs and climbing roses as barriers: While walls and fences can be an effective barrier if tall enough, they can be breached if not topped with barbed wire, spikes, glass or other deterrents. Hedges on the other hand can be much more effective. Various shrubs and trees are adorned with vicious thorns, and it would be too tedious for a burglar to cut their way through such a barrier.
  4. Deceive intruders: Draw curtains and pull blinds down when you are leaving the house and turn on lights and a radio to make it seem as if there is somebody at home.
  5. Don’t tell everyone on social networks about your movements: Don’t advertise your movements on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. Intruders can “tune” into this “free broadcast” and know when your home is vacant.

These are all easy steps to improving your home security. Our blog is updated regularly and is a wealth of information covering tips and info you can use. Check it out to see what you might be missing.