“If all you have is a hammer, every problems starts looking like a nail” – Abraham Maslow

Can roller shutters be broken into?

There really should not be a short answer to this question, because with enough time, tools and effort you can break into anything. Yet, because roller shutters require a some kind of automatic opening mechanism, multiple lock points or special keys including interlocked slats that create a steel sheet between the secured area and the burglar or perpetrator, and other physical security features, make it nearly impossible to pry open or break into by hand. Because of these inherent inbuilt security features burglars, thieves and most criminals do not usually attempt to break into roller shutters as it takes lots of effort and time to break into a roller shutter, therefore, they tend to avoid them.

Is it possible to cut or dent through an opening through a Roller Shutter?

Attempting to cut through roller shutter material is another way criminals attempt to break into shutters, yet this is  very difficult method to break in and is rarely attempted by thieves, robbers, or criminals, mainly because the interlock slats stationed behind the structural beam make it very difficult for cutting tools to get a grip.  Added to this the material used to build the shutter as acts as a defensive barrier to break-ins by kicked in or hacking with an axe, therefore they the most most burglar-proof form of external door protection you can have for your home or shop.

Are roller shutters less likely to break into than other types of large entrance physical barriers?

In many ways yes, most criminals & thieves understand how hard it is to break into a home or shop, so they give up or avoid shutter protected entrances as soon as they see the shutters, and opto to find easier perimeter weak points. Perpetrators must carefully plan every aspect of their operation, from how to enter, to the tools needed to complete it, how to hide, and what to do next if successful, however, this may be too difficult for some criminals, so they opt to break into the easier homes or shops using minimal amount of tools within the shortest time and as quiet as possible.

Does Xpanda have specialised roller shutters that work best during periods of riots and social unrest?

Yes, as global and local economic turmoil continue to increase so do the chances of social unrest. For nearly 5 decades, Xpanda has been the professional’s choice for commercial, industrial and residential roller shutters – our new Anti-Riot roller shutter, is designed for extreme unrest conditions is manufactured to the highest standards, to help you keep the rioters away from your commercial establishment and your assets safe.

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