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For many people or current clients and potential clients, selecting a security gate can be particularly challenging. One of the main reasons why this is so is because there seems to be to confusion on what specific security gates they may be referring to when consulting or more importantly what type of security gates will best suit their needs. But understanding the standard gate options and custom security gates available in the market it easier to decide what is right for them and their families safety.

A gate or gateway is a point of entry to space which is enclosed by walls or physical impenetrable barrier. Gates are normally used to prevent or control the entry or exit of individuals, cars, or other assets to and from a specific enclosed perimeter. The actual word is derived from old Norse “gat”, meaning road or path, and originally referred to the gap in the wall or fence, rather than the barrier which closed it. Which is also one of the reasons where most the confusion comes from (1)

Types of security gates

Gates may be classified or categorised by the way they open, operate, their security purpose, or where they are located on the premises, or their access control objectives and types. The most common types of residential and commercial gates may include but not limited to:

Sliding Security gates

Also called trellis security gates, expandable security gate, steel folding security, concertina gates or scissor security gates due to the framework and slide-on-rail operation. Current trellis security gates designs derive their name from trellis garden designs. A trellis or treillage is an architectural structure, usually made from an open framework or lattice of interwoven or intersecting pieces of wood, bamboo or metal that are normally made to support and display climbing plants, especially shrubs. Even though there can be some confusion with the public, driveway gates can also be sliding gates, as derived from the operating mechanism. Xpanda offers the widest range of security gates, from our DIY security gates to custom our made trellis security gates to best suit your security needs, either at home or commercial spaces.


Sliding Trellis Security Gates

Swing Gate

This type of gate security system will be familiar to homeowners everywhere, as the system’s doors or “leaves” simply swing out of the way just like a normal door would. These types of gates systems can either be designed for driveways or human passageways to control access to your business or home. They can come in standard sizes (off the shelf DIY range) or custom made to best fit your aesthetic requirements both at home and for commercial purposes.

Custom Security Swing Gate

Custom Security Swing Gate

Driveway Gates

These types of security gates can either be of sliding open-type or swing open-type. Material used can range from wood to steel and actual aesthetic design choices can range from standard steel tubes & sheets to wrought iron designs.

Custom Driveway Gate

Custom Driveway Gate

Other types of may also including commercial pedestrian turnstile gates, concertina security gates. Despite your physical security barrier needs, at Xpanda we will be able to assist you no matter the objectives.