As a business owner, you should be aware of the actions you can take to improve your safety and security as well as what to do when an armed intrusion occurs. 

To help you do that, we’ve put together some helpful safety tips to remember if you ever find yourself in the middle of an armed robbery at your business:

Be calm

Stay calm, because you are a better observer when you are calm.


Let the intruders know you and your staff intend to co-operate; this will keep the robber calm as well.

Obey all commands

The key to your safety during an armed robbery is co-operation. Remain calm and follow all the commands made by the robber(s). Money and property are not worth the price of a life.

Move slowly and cautiously

If you have to move, tell the robber what you are doing so that he is not threatened by your movement. Should employees need to move around in response to the robber’s instructions, they must vocalise every action while keeping their hands in open sight.


Try to obtain as much detail as you can, in terms of voice accents, race, age, sex and anything unusual such as tattoos or scars. This can be difficult when avoiding eye contact with the robbers, but it is important to take note of anything that may be helpful.

Preserve evidence

After the robbers have left the building and everybody is safe, call the authorities. Now, be sure not to disturb any evidence left by the robber. By leaving the crime intact, the police will have a better chance of identifying the robbers.

Nobody can predict when a robbery will happen, but they can prepare for prevention. Our blog is updated regularly and is a wealth of information covering business safety tips you can use.