“Cost is more important than quality but quality is the best way to reduce cost” – Bill Crosby

A security gate is the first thing that you encounter when entering a property or premises, it serves a vital tool to control access and the same time has to be welcoming be to visitors. That means it has to meet two diametrically opposed objectives, physical appeal and also act as a deterrent against unwelcome intruders or criminals.  And the same time meet quality and affordability goals. Due to due to ever-increasing crimes in South Africa a lot of South Africans want to invest in security gates but most seem to have a general notion that they can be very expensive, easily broken through. They, therefore, opt for even cheaper yet weaker security gates, and times living their families and properties vulnerable.

Essential considerations that influence the cost of security gates.

It’s important to remember that there’s nothing like a fixed price for a custom security gate until we can get to the various figures for different security gates and types. Before the final price can be determined, many considerations have to be weighed. Some factors that may affect the price of security are the following:

Gate dimensions

For all gate sizes, you don’t have to spend the same amount of money despite the size. Wider and higher gates cost more to manufacture and also to install. In comparison, Smaller gates need less steel/aluminium to construct and therefore can cost less to install. In many instances, they come in standard door sizes as DIY products, with a sharp compromise on strength and custom aesthetics.

Gate material

Steel, aluminium, wood, and vinyl are the most common materials for security gates. Steel is taken into account because it is solid and durable, while aluminium is taken into account because it is light and corrosion-resistant. Sadly, as opposed to either wood or vinyl, these two choices are pricey. But still, there are a few timber or wooden gates that are as costly as steel gates. So, you should be alert about this possibility. But if you looking or strength and flexibility steel is the go-to material for security gates.

Gate operation type

There are 2 broad operational types of security doors in general; manual and automatic. Manual gates require somebody’s physical presence to function. The majority of them are regulated by a key and handle. Usually, they are a cheaper choice to build and maintain, but the most labour-intensive as well. On the other hand, automatic security gates are more costly, but they are less labour-intensive to operate. As the gates are controlled using innovative technical methods such as voice recognition, face detection, card reader, and remote control, you do not need someone’s physical presence or physical keys.

There are factors that come into play when calculating the cost of security gates:

Transport: The cost of transport depends on the size of the security gate and the distance between your property and the supplier of the gate.

Enhancements: Here, we look at factors that you might want on your doors, such as painting, gate aesthetics, gate functional accessories, motion detectors, safety cameras, and other extras. The cost varies depending on what you want to do.

Labour: This is another expense that could make you dig a dip in your wallet. If you’re not handy and have never mounted a gate before, it’s advisable to have the security installed for you.

Security Gates Cost Estimates

We will look at the cost estimates of different types of security gates to help you have an overview of how much you can spend on a given gate in South Africa:

DIY Security Gates vs Custom security Gates

To satisfy your security needs and desires, a security gate can be custom-made for you. Then you can go for a prefabricated (DIY) choice if you have no special preferences. In general, prefabricated options are referred to as standard gates and are the cheaper choice. Gates of this type can range between ZAR 1,000 to over ZAR 10,000 depending on a lot of factors as well. In all cases, other lost features can be considered such Buyback Guarantees, custom fitting/features, strength etc. which are a factor it with costume security gates and included.

Swing gates vs sliding security gates

Either by swinging or sliding to the left/right, most security gates open and close this way as an option. The cheaper alternative (ZAR 1,000 to ZAR 3,000) is DIY swinging gates, but they need more room to operate. If you consider space utilisation, DIY sliding security gates are the most economical. They are, however, expensive to build (ZAR 2,000 – RZA 10,000). Custom swing gates and sliding security gates can be more expensive compared to DIY products.1

Steel vs. Aluminium security gates

These two materials top the list while searching for a long-lasting security gate. Since it is the strongest and most robust, steel is considered. Aluminium sliding security gates, on the other hand, are considered because they are lightweight and less prone to corrosion and therefore increase its price compared to steel.

For any house, property or business, a security gate is a simple safety measure. So, it is an investment that you need to carefully consider. Knowing that the installation costs depend on many variables, what matters is that the gate you select meets your security needs. To help select the best security gates for your needs, contact Xpanda today.