At Xpanda, our products are designed to maximise the safety of your home, but it’s wise to ensure your families safety when outside the home too.

That’s why we have a few helpful tips on how to keep kids safe at school:

Ask your child about safety in his or her school

Children often know where gaps in security exist and what can be done to improve school safety.  Where do they feel most safe? Least safe? Why? What can be done to improve safety? Then speak to your child’s school about any concerns you may have.

Examine access to your kid’s school.

In an emergency, can the number of gates that can be accessed from the outside be restricted, while still allowing children to exit? Do teachers and staff greet visitors? Are there sign-in procedures, visitor identification badges, etc.?

Ask about the school’s emergency protocol

Emergency plans and phone numbers are usually included in school handbooks and posted in classrooms. Taking a few extra minutes to familiarise yourself and your child with emergency information can give them the confidence they need to act quickly in emergency situations.

Have a safe word

Have a safe word for someone to use when they pick up your child unexpectedly. Teach your children to always use the safe word.

Have a set pickup point

Set an agreed time and meeting spot for picking up your child. That way, if your child isn’t at the designated meeting spot, you immediately know that something may not be right.

Be involved

Find out what’s the best way to help. Join the PTA or volunteer to be a room mother or a coach. Let your presence declare that you have a serious interest in the safety of your child’s school. Remember, that volunteering doesn’t only benefit your children, it helps the classroom, the whole school and its community by making them safer. Be involved.