“Safety isn’t expensive, its priceless” – Anon

To conserve your Roller Shutter Doors and Sectional Overheard Garage Doors is very important in ensuring the longevity of these products. Despite Xpanda’s attention to quality, Roller Shutter Doors and Sectional Overhead Garage Doors, like all products made up substantial steel content, remain vulnerable when exposed to certain environmental conditions, regardless of the corrosion treatment they received during production.

Steps you can take to clean your roller shutters (note this is not a strict guide and in no case should it be used as the official cleaning regime of Xpanda products relative to warranties and guarantees, clients can follow their routine and methods):

  1. Dry phase: Remove dust & debris – vital as this can be very abrasive and can scratch the paint, therefore making it even more prone to corrosion. You can use a soft cloth, smooth brushes etc to remove as much dust and debris as possible.
  2. Wet Phase: Remove dirt, stains etc – To loosen dirt, stains etc. using a diluted mixture of soap and water. Then, using a clean cloth, wipe the entire surface of your roller shutters. Use low to moderate pressure, and scrub away any serious stubborn stains.
  3. Dry Phase: Dry: Wipe down the surface and dry the shutter with a clean dry cloth.
  4. Lubricate: It is thus imperative that Roller Shutter Doors and Sectional Overheard Garage Doors be cleaned and lubricated regularly. Regularly lubricate the external springs with penetrating oil or similar lubricant. A small amount of good quality grease can be applied to the inside of the side guides (not applicable to SOD).

What NOT to do:

  • Never use detergent or abrasive cleaners like dishwashing liquid, Vim, Handy Andy, thinners etc as this will affect the longevity of the product.
  • Preferably avoid using lubricants such as WD40 or Q20 as these products tend to attract dust, & will affect the moving parts in the long term.
  • Do not spray any lubricant into the roller shutter motor.
  • Avoid steel wool, scrubbing brushes or scrapers, as these could potentially damage the enamel surface.

How often should roller shutters be cleaned?

The cleaning interval depends on the environment the shutter is used or installed. Thorough and correct routine maintenance ensures that Roller Shutter Doors and Sectional Overheard Garage Doors remain safe to operate, conform to present standards and current legislation in addition to extending the useful life of the product.

Please use the table below as a guide to caring for your product

MILDMore than 10 km from the seasideEvery 6 months
MODERATE1 km -10 km from the seasideEvery 3 months
MARINE500 m – 1 km from the seasideEvery 4 weeks
SEVERE MARINEWithin 500 m of the seasideEvery 2 weeks

For any other details please also don’t hesitate to contact us.