“Safety does not come instantly, you implement it consistently” – A wiseman

Having your roller shutter and sectional garage doors regularly maintained and serviced will save you a lot money and also prolong the life of you products. Even though that’s the case, caution should also be taken when it comes service and maintaining roller shutters. In many jurisdictions roller shutter services must conform to all relevant SANS standards, OHS ACT (occupational health and safety act) regulations and all other legislation that might be relevant with the service. And must be carried out in accordance with prevailing industry norms and best practice and will always comply with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements. At a absolute minimum, as according to various quality standards, Roller shutters should be serviced at least two times every 12 months.

Its always recommended that you service your roller shutters often as possible in order to pick up early faults and help prevent future losses. The frequency of service highly depends on the nature of the roller shutter and its usage profile environment, high frequency usage will make a roller shutter more prone or susceptible to general wear and tear. In some circumstances like a high traffic instances regular servicing is requirement and in others it’s a security profile and insurance requirement and/or legal requirement.

When it comes to servicing roller shutters, Xpanda has a number of options both on contract and on-call:

  1. Roller shutter service and maintenance contracts offered directly by Xpanda.
  2. Roller shutter service and maintenance contracts offered by independent entities, meeting standards as required by the OEM Xpanda as well as any applicable governing law and/or regulations.
  3. Ongoing service and maintenance by on-site facilitators or technicians sufficiently trained and qualified for successful execution and ensure that the on-site staff compliment and maintenance regime is sufficient to maintain the appropriate service levels and system performance.

Professional roller shutter service and maintenance engagements will always ensure that it reports on the following yet not limited to; system availability (averaged per week), maintenance work (including % of scheduled maintenance work completed), daily checks performed, maintenance plan for the next month, the latest spares inventory, asset register up to date including equipment data and outstanding maintenance issues.

Again above all within reason and with prior arrangement with Xpanda, Xpanda is available to; assisting with emergency repairs, re training of onsite operators and/or technicians, continuous training of check-in of roller shutter doors staff, providing of system data and/or statistic, recommending improvements on maintenance procedures and continuous co-operating with you on all security related issues.

Whether it’s for a simple roller shutter garage door for home or business, a manual or electrically operated roller shutter door or more complex industrial roller shutters, service is vital to keeping the product in the best working conditions to avoid any costly repair services, emergency calls or compromise in your security or safety. At Xpanda we have a dedicated research, service teams, and our expert roller shutter consultants are always just a call away to assist with any information regarding our quality strategies and process to give you the confidence you need regarding our roller shutter products.