There are a number of considerations that go into the design, manufacture and ultimate delivery of custom roller shutters doors. As a standard at Xpanda, we have an ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance program to ensure consistent quality throughout the production process. The final quote and/or price is a functional derivative of all of these considerations, including security assessments, desired outcomes and of course site variables, which are site / client specific.

The following factors play a significant role in the pricing of a roller shutter door:

At Xpanda our close proximity to the Argent group of companies, promotes a number of supply chain synergies, ensuring our procurement principles remain based on quality materials, at affordable prices. Our large scale factory emphasises our production capacity, whilst every product is manufactured according to a specific design, in accordance with the strength and functionality required. The design phase often determines the cost, and whilst we have set the pricing on historically known value items, we can specifically manufacture any intentional design product, within our current manufacturing capability. Complexity will potentially increase cost, however, with the procurement synergies, and of course a state of the art manufacturing facilities, these costs are often mitigated amongst a vast range of products.

Distribution and railage costs are determined per order, as often Roller shutters vastly differ in size, weight and geographical area of installation – as part of our turn-key solutions, we could take care of the assessment, the design, manufacture, distribution and installation of your roller shutter project – with a vast national, and international footprint, Xpanda is available wherever you are.

Which is the best material for roller shutters?

Before choosing an aluminium or steel shutter, we present to our clients the following considerations which will ultimately determine the manufacturing, operational and maintenance costs in future:

Budget: Roller Garage doors or Roller Shutters, are constructed from either aluminium or carbon steel, depending on applications and the immediate environment. Often the material specification of the design would be based on the immediate security need, based on the implied risk and physical assessment. It stands to reason, that the design of the product, would ultimately determine the strength of the product. Steel albeit stronger than aluminium in certain applications, intentionally designed aluminium concepts, could offer adequate security solutions, where aesthetic appeal is desired.

Corrosive or non-corrosive environment and atmospheric conditions also play a vital role in your decision – Aluminium is normally the best choice for high corrosive environments due to its passivation layer and the properties of the metal. Steel which is mainly composed of chromium, cobalt, molybdenum, nickel, niobium, titanium, tungsten, vanadium, zirconium etc can also be galvanized, chemically-treated, and painted to be far more corrosion-resistant.

Durability and intended use: Due to steel’s chemical, thermal and physical properties it is, stronger than Aluminium and less likely to deform or bend under severe weight, force or heat. Aluminium roller shutters are lighter, therefore, apply less force on torsion springs and tracks for increased longevity and fewer repairs over the life of the product. 

How much does it cost to install roller shutters?

Installation costs contribute a fair portion to roller shutter doors prices, as it is largely dependent on the size of the roller shutter, mode of operation (manual or electrical), position, custom support features, and many other site variables. Our installers are trained to work at heights and are committed to health and safety protocols, to ensure safe first-time installations, every time.

If you are looking to add a range of shutters to your home or business, you can expect to pay anywhere from ZAR4,000 upwards, depending on the size, custom features, installation requirements, scaffolding requirements, accessories, logistics, material, and method of operation. Custom features and configurations are also not directly proportional to the final quote or price and may vary from one project to the next, therefore not comparable.

At Xpanda, our dedicated Roller Shutter teams are always on standby to assist with the assessment, design and management of your next roller shutter requirement – See for yourself, why Xpanda products stand stronger for longer.