In order to gain an understanding of how long it takes to manufacture and deliver a roller shutter, you need to understand the process. Xpanda’s order fulfilment process is in the most general sense the complete process from point of sale inquiry to delivery of the final roller shutter product to the client. We respond to each enquiry in line with the custom nature of the design, the required lead-time and current production capacity.

“Safety starts with awareness, awareness starts with you” – Anonymous

Xpanda Security is committed to manufacturing products of a high-quality standard that not only satisfy the ongoing security needs of our customer’s roller shutter requirements but also their aesthetic considerations as well.

Xpanda uses state of the art forecasting modelling techniques, inherently designed flexible production flow and self-correcting mechanisms in order to ensure that customers always get their products on time and manufactured to ISO9001:2015 quality standards.

In the broader hypothetical sense, the possible processes in Xpanda’s order to delivery process might include the following steps but not necessarily follow in sequence:

  • Product inquiry – Our customers’ initial inquiry about our roller shutter/garage door offerings.
  • Sales quote – Customer budgetary and quote consultation.
  • Order configuration – Order item selection process.
  • Order booking – The formal roller shutter order placement (issuing by the customer of a Purchase Order).
  • Customer order acknowledgement – Confirmation that the shutter order is booked and/or received.
  • Customer Invoicing – The presentment of the commercial invoice to the customer.
  • Order Planning – Determining the customer source/location of item(s) to be shipped and how it will be carried out.
  • Order changes – Changes to orders, if needed by either party.
  • Order processing – Process step where the distribution centre or warehouse across South Africa is responsible to fill an order.
  • Shipment – The shipment and transportation of the roller shutter(s).
  • Track and trace – Determine the current and past locations of the goods during transit, and always find the most expedient route to the customer.
  • Delivery – The delivery of the roller shutter to the customer(s).
  • Settlement – The payment of the charges agreed to.
  • Installation – all installations carried out to the highest standards and by accomplished Roller Shutter technicians.

Xpanda project manages a number of roller shutter projects on a monthly basis, and our experience in the industry ensures we meet client expectations within our own production capabilities – we always remind our contracting partners that quality manufacturing can take anything between 5 days and 25 days dependant on a number of the above requirements.

At Xpanda we have a dedicated research and development teams, and our expert roller shutter consultants are always just a call away to assist with any information regarding our quality strategies and process to give you the confidence you need regarding our roller shutter products.