“Safety isn’t expensive it’s priceless” – anonymous

As South Africans, we understand more than most, that our personal safety and security, whether it be at home or office, are predominantly our own responsibility. The latest Crime statistics would indicate that in the preceding months South Africa recorded a slight percentage decrease in recorded crime numbers – However, the actual numbers, when considered as cases rather than percentages remains something frightening.

South Africans still fall victim to Robberies and Burglaries at an average rate of 1131/day. Added to this, the murder rate has increased by 1.5%, with a staggering 11% of these murders occurring during a house and business robberies.

South Africa Recorded Crimes (Burglary, Theft & Robbery) Per Day (10 Year average)

Whether we like it or not, as citizens, we have to ensure we thwart these senseless crimes, by ensuring we provide security and safety for our employees and our families. Considering the actual numbers, it is no longer a question of if, but rather a question of “When” – and for the “When”, we need to ensure we are adequately prepared.

So how secure a roller shutters in curbing crime – A Roller Shutter creates a steel or aluminium curtain between you and the outside world, shutting out the dangers with it. In Reality, given enough time, and the right tools, any physical barrier, including brick walls will eventually be breached. The one thing criminals don’t have is time and time is exactly what you need – time ensures you can Act, rather than react – act by triggering an alarm and calling for assistance. These are the situations most criminals avoid, as the risk of being caught is simply too high. The more steel you put between yourself, and a potential threat, the more time you bought in essence.

Roller Shutters form a solid steel or aluminium curtain, a curtain that is interlinked, and designed to withstand serious impact. When the Shutter is in its open position it is neatly coiled around an axle, above the opening.

The roller garage doors could be manufactured in a number of security classifications, all dependant on the assessed risk and need – whether required for Industrial, Residential and or Commercial properties. Designed specifically with resistance time in mind, there should be a shutter for every need, and every budget. Roller shutter Doors can be operated manually or they can be automated, for ease of use, without affecting the level of resistance it was designed to offer. Even though in some cases extra security feature on a roller shutter can affect costs of the the roller shutter.

Basically, the roller shutter’s design, the quality of how it is constructed, and the material used would determine its ultimate performance as a security barrier. At Xpanda we have a dedicated research and development teams, and our expert roller shutter consultants are always just a call away to assist with an obligation free risk and security assessment.